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QIWI Technologies is a company specializing in providing tailor-fit solutions, customize robot, per student/per robot, STEM projects, robotics for engineering, workshops and educational robotics requirements for schools and Universities in the UAE and nearby counties as well as medical solutions for the improvement of treatments and quality of life of the infirm and elderly.

Innovative  Robotic solutions for Education and Healthcare


There are many different programming languages for robots and it can become overwhelming to keep them all straight. Understanding the history of robotic programming languages can provide some perspective on why it is so convoluted and where they all come from.The QIWI tech Team Engineers will help you guide the history of robotic programming is surprisingly complicated, but, with us, we will patiently assist you to explore the most effective way to learn the simple programming has become these days.

The history of robot programming is a complicated one, but is necessary to provide some perspective on where we are today and what it means for the future.



Qiwi Technologies LLC is a single turn key solution provider who can meet the STEM robotics educational requirements for K12 up to Universities.

STEM Robotics is a stand alone subject curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

Qiwi Technologies Team always intended the Robotic  Programming  to be  an easy to understand and easy to-use, and become interactive for our students to quickly compare and contrast the robotics  programming and  their  performance.




We provide robotics engineering solutions with the help of Qiwi Administrative Training faculty.

The team provides the STEM robotics curriculum for Universities that includes, innovation projects, course outline, IOT, basic knowledge of Artificial intelligence (AI)  and STEM Robotics integration to major subjects.

Using the STEM protocol, we are proud to support schools and Universities with the same mission of bringing robotics innovations to as many students as possible to become equip in technology in parallel to the campaign of UAE.







Robotic Technology in The new decade

From Qiwi Technologies  perspective, in the next decade, robotics will  become the next  computer industry. 

For instance, robotics use will  continue to become standardized, as robots will aid in processes such as manufacturing,  security and health care industry.

To put it simply:  this means that  education around robotics—led by STEM initiatives—will  be even more prominent, similar to the rise of computer tech in the late  1980s. 

Robotic  Laboratories


Robotics training for universities 


Robotic Training projects and workshops

Qiwi Technologies LLC & QAT ADMINISTRATIVE TRAINING shared vision.

The new management of Qiwi Technologies LLC this year has given us more working assets, and has made Qiwi Technologies as one of the best provider of the requirement of innovative robotics technology in UAE as well as the nearby countries, while keeping us small enough to meet your individual needs, Starting August SY-16, we will be known as Qiwi Technologies STEM ROBOTICS and World ROBOTICS provider.

Our STEM ROBOTIC for K12 and Universities rates are among the lowest in the industry, as noted in the previous rate cards.The additional projects that we can provide are among the first requirements for the application of K12,such as; Technology Laboratories, Robotic Mobile ,AI and IOT projects, Laboratories and STEM Robotics per students projects.

The Qiwi Technologies and QAT training solutions are available to every students with an all out support for Robotics completions . This platform is made to every students to become equip to join the competition. Our mission is to give as many students all the opportunity to develop their creativity and problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way . We teach theme to Understand The Challenge of the competitions, using the soft skill right by making their team looking Like a Team , and Get the right programming skills in coding.


The QAT team is providing Methodology training for teachers aligning to curriculum management. We are giving them the full support to comply and become equip in educational requirement for the Federal Ministry of Education for the application of K12 curriculum using our faculty back line guidelines.



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